11 Oct 2014

Review: Scratch Nail Wraps

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Something a bit different from me, I have a nail wrap review for you! These wraps where provided from Scratch. Here is a little bit about the company;
Scratch was born out of the simple idea that nail wraps are really cool but most of the designs currently out there are not. Scratch works as a platform for creatives of all backgrounds to share their art through a new medium and grow their audience.
How they work is every month or so, they feature a new artist and collaborate with them to put their art on nail wraps that people then can purchase. They also have a Artists Feature up on the website so people can learn more about the artist and find links to them on social media.

The wraps I chose were the 'Check it out' design created by Chelsea King aka the amazing nail artist behind chelseaqueen.com. In the pack you two sets of 8 varying sized nail wraps (16 total), a nail file and a cuticle stick.

Scratch Nail Wraps review designed by Chelsea King over Illamasqua Nomad and Jo'mina

Scratch Nail Wraps review designed by Chelsea King over Illamasqua Nomad and Jo'mina

Scratch Nail Wraps review designed by Chelsea King over Illamasqua Nomad and Jo'mina

Since these wraps where on a clear base I decided to use 2 different polishes, I picked Illamasqua Nomad and Jo'mina.

When the polish was dry I peeled off the thin protector plastic, peeled the wraps off the hard plastic base then placed the sticky side onto my nail. They are a thin malleable plastic that reminds me of the consistency of water transfer nail wraps. Since these wraps are so thin, they are very easy to distort so you have to be pretty careful other wise you can ruin the design. I did manage to get a few air bubbles underneath the wraps, but some careful rubbing managed to remove most of them.

One thing I did like about these wraps was that they could be removed with acetone, so that meant I didn't have to mess around with trying to cut them to get the wraps to fit cleanly around my cuticle. I just applied the wraps where I wanted the design to sit, then cleaned it off my skin with my cleanup brush and acetone. Win!

As instructed by the website, I applied a layer of top coat to seal everything and left them to set for a few hours before going to bed. To my horror when I woke up, all of the wraps had moved and pulled away from my cuticle, apparently they don't like top coat! Through out the day I was able to scratch them and pull them off all my nails.

I was so disappointed, they certainly took longer than 10 mins to apply and within 30 mins I had scratched them all off the polish. I really loved the design so it was a huge bummer.

Scratch Nail Wraps can be purchased from their website goscratchit.com.

These products where provided for consideration.
For more information, please see my product disclosure page.

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