5 Oct 2014

Review: Pretty Serious Artiste! top coat

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A couple of months back I was approached by Kaz from Pretty Serious about swatching some polishes as well as trialling and testing a secret new top coat. The top coat was Artiste!, a specially formulated top coat with nail artists in mind. They claimed that it didn't smudge nail art, stamping or dull holo polishes and also dried fast and gave a high gloss finish.

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Artiste top coat review

I have been exclusively using this top coat for all my swatches since my last Pretty Serious post in July and I am proud to report that it lives up to it's claims!

L-R: Moonstone - Dark Shines, MckFresh - One Eye Open, Shades of Phoenix - Fire, Emily de Molly - Sabotage
The bottle is the standard Pretty Serious 11ml bottle that comes in one of their trademark boxes. When I opened it the first thing I noticed was the smell, it smells slightly like spray paint rather than regular nail polish, so straight off the bat you can tell that the formulation in this top coat is different to most other top coats.

The top coat was a little thin to start off with and if I wasn't careful I would flood my cuticles, but after about a week of using it it started to thicken up to a lovely consistency, dense but not thick and smoothed out glitters perfectly. All the above photos where 1 coat Artiste, except Emily de Molly Sabotage, which from memory I used 2.

The shine on this top coat is out of this world! I gives you a super glossy finish that makes the polish below look so juicy and like glass. Bonus point is that it doesn't dull holographic polishes at all.

L-R: Emily de Molly - Dramatic Entrance, Glam Polish - Conjuring, MckFresh - Witchy Tutu and Between Blue and Green
Since it has been a busy swatching month, I haven't had much of a chance to do any nail art (boo) so I don't have any nail photos, but I can guarantee that it does not smudge stamping or nail art. I grabbed out some black polish and acrylic paint and tested it on a few nails by doing random designs. I used polish on one finger and acrylic on the other, let it dry for 5 mins then applied the top coat, going over the black multiple times and using a fair pressure. The black did no budge, polish nor acrylic paint!

Dry time on this top coat is super good, looking at about 1/1.5 mins for it to be touch try. A thing to note, is that while this polish dries fast, it is not the same as a regular quick dry like Poshe or Seche Vite, it does not reanimate the underlying layers of polish and speed the dry time of the lower layers, so that means if you don't let your colour polish layers dry properly and you apply the top coat, you still do run the risk of ruining your mani. Another thing worth mentioning is that because it doesn't effect the underlying layers of polish, you do not get any shrinkage, hence why it is perfect for swatching!

One last small thing to note, I have about 2/3rd of my bottle left and I found that it can go a little stringy when I play with the top coat too much along my free edge. I don't know if this is caused by my nail shape or not, but I just wanted to mention it, a little bit of thinner would probably fix this issue if you come across it.

Final thought on this top coat, amazing! If you are into nail art and are sick to death of all your hard work being ruined with top coat, then you need this top coat, it will change your life!

This top coat if a part of a whole new collection of nail care items from Pretty Serious. If you wish to buy this top coat, unfortunately the pre-order has closed, but I am sure they will have it available soon! To buy Pretty Serious polish head to their website (they also sell internationally!) and be sure to like their facebook, follow them on instagram and join their FB group!

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