14 Jun 2014

OPI Push and Shove nail art

Hey all!

I was at the Sydney Hair Expo over the long weekend covering the event for Culture Magazine and managed to score OPI Push and Shove for $10 from the OPI stall (got one for a friend too), win!

OPI Push and Shove cartoon nail art manicure

I was excited and worried both at the same time about getting P&S to apply evenly, I had heard that even with it's special base coat you would still get ridges and the fact it doesn't recommend using top coat was a worry for me, so I went in with a plan, I was going to test it first on nail wheels until I found a combination that worked. Thankfully my first attempt worked perfectly!

I had heard of girls using top coat as a base coat to smooth out their nails before applying P&S, but because the TC didn't have much to stick to it would peel off, so I took that idea and modified it slightly. I put down a layer of a ridge filling base coat, I'm my case it was my favourite Essence 24/7 base coat, this base coat is perfect, because it is rather thick so fills in ridges perfectly leaving a smooth finish, but it also dries down matte so polishes stick to it much better. With this done I then applied a layer of Poshe quick dry top coat, good so far! I made sure not to touch the top coat when it was drying so I didn't put any oils on it that would affect the polish when I went to apply P&S. I found that if I touched the top coat at all on my tests that it would cause P&S to pull away and shrink like how a crackle polish works. Next up where 2 coats of P&S, they went on perfectly. Lastly I added the details to create a cartoon look then topped the whole thing off with Illamasqua Matte top coat.

I found that top coating Push and Shove made little difference to it's appearence once the top coat had completely dried, so I dunno what OPI was on about with telling you not to top coat.

At the OPI stall they also had buy 1 get on free on Nail Envy, so I got 2 for $15, another win! I've had to go back to Nail Envy as Duri has made my nails peel something horrific :( Also managed to pick up Colour Club Wild Child for $2.

OPI Push and Shove, Nail Envy and Color Club Wild Child

I have to say I am a huge fan of Push and Shove, when it is applied over the correct combination of bases it looks so amazing, definitely worth the extra effort!

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