18 Jun 2014

Illamasqua Strawberry Nails

Hey all!

Figured I would actually blog about these while they are still relevant :P

I'm participating in a nail art challenge on IG run by the lovely Teneil (@shadesofteebee @shadesofphoenix) and the prompt today was fruit! Having never done a fruit mani before I browsed through pinterest until I came across this from AlpsNailArt.

I decided to take her idea of denting the polish and adding a few extra bits, like adding black into the dents afterwards for the seeds and painting more of the leaves on the tops of the strawberries, I am super happy with these.

Polishes used where all Illamasqua, Throb, Ruthless, Elope, Rampage and Smash.

Strawberry fruit nail art using Illamasqua nail polishes in Throb, Ruthless, Smash, Elope and Rampage, inspired by AlpsNailArt

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