1 Feb 2014

Swatch and Review: Pretty Serious They Came From Beyond Space part II!

Hey all!

Another big post for you today, Kaz from Pretty Serious Cosmetics was kind enough to send me the entire collection of the recently released They Came From Beyond Space part II! What is unique about this collection is that they are all textures, something that we haven't seen from a boutique brand yet, and these where among my first texture polishes and I can say I am a convert!

This is a huge post so grab a drink, get comfy and look beyond the cut.

To minimise the amount of repetition and text in this post I will tell you the number of coats here, I used 2 coats for all polishes and 1 coat Poshe quick dry for the swatches with top coat. Let's get onto it!

Cosmic Comet, a gorgeous lavender. I love this colour, it definitely flatters my skin tone and I love how the polish deepens with top coat. This polish is a dupe for the Rimmel Moon Dust in Moon Walking and Face of Australia Masquerade.

Warp 11, a soft pale blue.

Deep Space Destroyer, a lovely minty green. Obviously a favourite of mine!

Menace From Mars, a deep firey red. A surprise favourite! I am not a fan of red polishes normally, but with top coat this polish really stands out. No chunky glitter to this one, just a red texture with shimmer.

Surfing Alien, a bright silver. Loved this one! I put a video of this up on IG, definitely worth checking out! The sparkle on this was out of control.

Starship Doom, a doomy gunmetal. No chunky glitter in this one either, and apparently there is a slight pink shift to this but I cannot see it in my bottle. Kristy over at The Polish Haven has managed to capture the pink.

Dimension X, a pale champagne gold. Another surprise favourite, gold normally looks terrible with my skin tone, but this one is cool enough to look very delicate.

Robot Monster, a dark silver. I loved the steampunk vibe this colour has, a wonderful and unique shade.

Phew! Made it! These beautiful polishes can be bought internationally directly from the Pretty Serious website for AU$9.95 \11ml bottle or as a complete set at a 10% discount.

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These products where provided for consideration.
Please see my disclosure statement for more details.

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