12 Feb 2014

Review: Powder Perfect Valentines Day Duo

Hey all!

A few weeks back I made my first polish purchase of the year and it was from Powder Perfect, a wonderful Aussie Indie line from Toowoomba in Queensland. The owner, Jacinta, kindly sent along her Valentines Day duo for review with my order.

Now, if you where reading my blog this time last year, you will know how much I am not a fan of V-day, so I was a little concerned that the polishes I was going to receive where going to be your typical V-day inspired polishes, but I had a quick look at the polishes online before I received them and was very presently surprised at what I saw! So let's get onto it!

First in the duo is the gorgeous Lovers Lost. A BLUE! How groundbreaking is this! Haha I was well impressed with the colour and the polish, a lovely slightly dusky but vibrant blue, very close to Illamasqua Force and perfectly opaque in 2 coats as shown, with 1 coat Ulta3 Clear top coat. This polish was actually made as the base colour for the next polish in the duo!

Jar of Hearts, WOW! There is so much going on in this polish, and I must say I was in love! I am not even going to try and describe what is in this one other than black and magenta hearts, a tonne of multiple types of holo glitter and a few others in pale blue and purple. I used 2 dabbed coats for this, but 1 would be sufficient and 1 thick coat of Poshe top coat. I put a video of this up on Instagram, so you need to go look and check it out.

Final verdict on these 2 polishes, colour me impressed! A Valentines Day duo that is outside the box, love.

Powder Perfect polish can be purchased from their website for $10 for a 12ml bottle. Be sure to follow them on Facebook to stay updated!

These products where provided for consideration.
Please see my disclosure statement for more details.

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