19 Feb 2014

Quickie Post: Rimmel Space Dust - Total Eclipse and Moonwalking

Hey all!

I'm just going to show you the photos for these as I have tried to write this post a few times and I keep failing.

Total Eclipse is a black based texture with green shimmer/glitter. In the bottle it shows a green/blue/purple duochrome shift, but it is only visable at extreme angles with top coat applied. Formula was good at 2 coats and only required 1 layer of top coat for a smooth gloss finish. I prefer this with topcoat.

Moonwalking is a light purple texture with small and chunky silver glitter. I love the colour on this, very soft. Application was a breeze at 2 coats, this one required 2 coats of top coat to smooth out (no photo). This is a 100% dupe for Pretty Serious Cosmic Comet, the post can be seen here.

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