30 Jan 2014

Quick Life Update

Hey all!

Thought I should just give you all a heads up about my lack of presence around here and on IG of late! A few weeks ago I was made redundant from my photo lab job with absolutely no notice, luckily I was able to get a new job only 2 weeks later so I am now a Photographer's Assistant and Photo Retoucher for a studio in Sydney. New job means new hours and after 3 years of starting work at 10am (getting up at 8.30..ish) I am now back to 9am (waking at 7am) soooo understandably I am not coping well with such early starts, I am not a morning person :P

I do have some swatch and reviews I need to post, the Pretty Serious They Came From Beyond Space Part 2 texture collection, the MckFresh Ooo - Friends Adventure Time collection and a couple of Powder Perfect and Celestial Cosmetics polishes. Hopefully I can get my ish together and get them all swatched, edited and posted soon.

Until next time <3

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