9 May 2013

Illamasqua Paranormal Collection

Hi all!

I am really excited to show you this post! This week Illamasqua launched their new collection titled Paranormal. Their tagline for this collection is 'Why be normal, when you can be Paranormal' and I love it and the new products in the line. This time around we see 4 new nail polishes, 3 colours and 1 UV top coat, a eyeshadow palette introducing 4 new colours, 2 new lipsticks, 1 new Gleam, 1 new brush, the addition of a super black gel liner and 1 new revolutionary product falling under the term cosmetic care, Hydra Veil. This is going to be a very picture heavy post.

First off I need to show you some of the promotional photographs for this line. Being a photographer I freaking LOVE these! These are my faves.

So incredible. Obviously I am most excited about the new nail polishes, the colours are Seance, Ouija, Omen and Geist. I was kindly given all of them for review and I am working on bringing you some super awesome glow shots to keep an eye out! Here are some shots I took from the blogger launch night.

These last few photos where just for a bit of fun. Mikele was playing with the smoke machine so I pounced on this photo opportunity.

The day after the launch I went to the Sydney counter to have a better look at a couple of the items and I was told they also got another 2 new nail polishes in and their own matte top coat. The matte top coat is rather thick, a lot thicker than any other matte TC I have used, but I don't really see it as a negative as I got a super smooth finish and dry time was not really much longer than normal. Still faster than Kleancolour's matte TC.

Annnddd to end this post I figured I would show you all my Illa collection as it stands. These are large res files if you want to have a close up look.

Well I hope you enjoyed this super huge post. Hopefully I will have the UV shots up soon!

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