20 Apr 2013

Lynnderella I Don't Mean Rhinestones

Hi all!

I feel very, very lucky to be the new owner of this polish. After reading all the drama that comes along with Lynn polishes (to me it all sounds a lot like tall poppy syndrome), hearing about the famed Llarowe wishlist system, now that she only sells on ebay and only posts to the US, I had given up on ever owning a Lynn. Lucky for me the wonderful Peita was moving house and was selling some of her polishes before the move, and she happened to be selling the last few of her Lynns. Needless to say I pounced on I Don't Mean Rhinestones, because after seeing, drooling and sighing over the many, many swatches on More Nail Polish I knew this was one I really wanted. I honestly thought I would never own a Lynn. I will be including my first 2 manis with it in this post.

After receiving this, I can completely understand how Lynnderella polishes turned the polish world upside down. I own absolutely nothing like this, and it is beyond beautiful. I know she hates being called an Indie, but she really did start it all.

Mmmm yummy macro! After the debacle with my mani for v-day and settling for Illamasqua Scorn, after a day I decided I needed some sparkle, and I had had the Lynn for about a week and was itching to wear it so I did a glitter gradient over Scorn.

To do this I just wiped off most of the polish from the brush and dabbed it onto my nails from bottom to as far up and I wanted, let it dry then concentrated more on the tips until I was happy, then put on a couple of coats of top coat. Voila! Could not stop staring at my nails!

A few weeks later I was getting some things from my local Priceline and they had a special on Rimmel nail polish. I grabbed two, (one of which can be seen here) and by chance happened to grab one that was the perfect undies for I Don't Mean Rhinestones, so I knew I had to wear it as a full mani ASAP!

This was 2 coats Rimmel Green With Envy and 1 coat IDMR with 1 thick, goopy coat of SV. Holy sh*t! The most bling-tastic mani in the world!

Even with 1 coat of this polish, it was so complex! I could stare at it for hours. When I put it on and had gone to bed, before I fell asleep I kept turning my phone's torch on to keep looking at it!

If you ever get the opportunity to get your paws on some Lynn's, I highly recommend doing so. Even with the influx of indie polish makers from over the globe, there is something special about owning a polish from the woman that started it. Sure not all of her polishes are unique and ground breaking now, and some are quite dupeable, but many are still very very beautiful.


  1. Gorgeous!! Sigh, I hope to own a Lynn one day...

  2. So so pretty! I too wish to own a Lynn one day, hopefully sooner rather than later!