3 Apr 2013

Illamasqua Rubber Brights Nurture and Optimist

Hi all!

The other week I very kindly given two of the recently released Illamasqua Rubber Brights. I got given Optimist a bright warm yellow/orange and Nurture a neon slime green. After quickly swatching the two colours I decided I needed more of them, so I went and bought Serenity a bright turqouise and Prosperity a vivid royal purple. Amazingly the Illamsqua Sydney Myer counter is having a flash sale of excess stock, and currently ALL of the Rubber Brights are $18, normally $21. Today I will be showing you Nurture and Optimist. First some pretty pictures!

Inspired by the colour-coded specialities of the dominatrix Rubber Boot Girls of 1920s Berlin, Illamasqua's rubber-finish nail varnishes are available in a unique spectrum of bright colours. There are six shades to choose from,  Nurture (candy apple green), Optimist (warm yellow), Aorta (scarlet red), Devotee (candy pink), Serenity (bright turquoise), Prosperity (rich purple). They can be worn on their own, for a matt 'scuba-style' finish or with a topcoat for a high shine, glossy finish, even though that would kinda defeat the purpose of the rubber finish.

Optimist is described as a warm yellow, but to me its orange. I didn't like the colour when I first put it on, but after having it on for a while it grew on me and I ended up quite liking it, shame it looks horrid with my skintone, but nice none the less. This was 2 coats, 1 thin and then 1 thick. I find this the best way to apply the rubber finishes. I would definitely recommend doubling up on base coat for Optimist, it stained my nails pretty bad after only having it on for a couple of hours.

My bottle was pretty thick, it's the only 1 of the 4 that is, but it was still managable. I find you have to work fairly fast with these polishes because they can get goopy pretty quick, especially if your working in a warm room, or under a warm light like in my case.

Next up, Nuture! Illamasqua describes this as a candy apple green, but I enjoy calling it slime green. It's very neon.. I like it :D I don't own any other polishes that are classed neon, but I would say that this is probably one of the very few neons that need a base coat of white to be bright.

 This was 2 coats Rejuvacote and 2 coats Nurture, one thin and one thick. This polish was a lot thinner than Optimist so was easier to work with. I had a little bit of visible nail line with this polish, but nothing a third coat wouldn't cure. You can only juuuuuuuuust see it in the photos, so hardly anything to worry about.

These photos where taken the day after so the polish had a bit more time to dry down. It gets a more matte appearance after 24hrs, but without the chalkiness you can get with some matte top coats.

My final impression with these polishes is I really like them, but I love Illamasqua formula and their polishes basically apply themselves. These did require a bit more skill as if you work too slowly, or are in a warm room they do have a tendency to go gluggy on the brush, but I think that's to be expected with a finish such as the rubber polishes. I am looking forward to wearing the other 2 colours.

These products where provided for consideration. 
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  1. The yellow one is SO pretty! :) I usually don't like yellow nail polish very much but that one looks awesome.

    1. Is it a really nice colour :) Would look great on someone with a more tan skintone.

  2. In love with the bottle shot on the holo mat!

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