12 Mar 2013

Peita's Polish Kierra's Kustom

Hi all!

I fell a little bad showing you this polish as it's not available for purchase, but I feel so honored to own it, and it is so beautiful that I needed to share it.

A few weeks back I bought a Lynn off a lovely lady named Peita on the Aussie Nails Facebook group, and whilst organising postage she happened to ask "What is your favourite colour?". Without thinking much of it I told her it was a current toss up of purple, teal and emerald green. 1 week later I received my Lynn from her and in the package was an amazing surprise! A custom polish made of the colours I had told her as well as one of her cuticle oils. Turns out Peita owns and runs Peita's Polish, where she makes her own indies for sale, as well as making custom glitter polishes for those who ask.

I was beyond blown away, this was such an amazing and kind thing to do for someone that she did not know, and the polish is absolutely breathtaking. This is a fairly picture heavy post!

I wore this over Illamasqua Nudge. This was 2 thick coats as I really wanted a full coverage to really show off the glitter and only 1 coat of SV! This dried so amazingly smooth, I was blown away. This polish is packed with a mix of holo purple, teal and green large hex glitter as well as purple and green fine glitter in a clear base.

Here are the bottle shots, as well as the cuticle oil, which I may point out is AMAZING! My fingers absolutely love it! Annnddd bonus macro shot!

Nfakosndfbjdk this polish is just so so gorgeous! I am going to have to brainstorm some combinations I think and maybe get some custom polishes done for special occasions for my friends. Such an awesome idea!

Well I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as me. I cannot wait to try this over other different base colours, Nudge does make it pull very blue.

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