27 Mar 2013

Illamasqua Scorn

Hi all!

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Especially when you try to do simple nail art for V-day and it messes up and you have to start over. That's exactly what happened in my case (you can read what happened in this blog post), so I figured Illamasqua Scorn was a great polish to wear on V-day.

Illamasqua Scorn is a leather look, matte black polish. It is more of a satin/rubber matte black rather a chalky matte, but I like it as it still retains a pure black unlike if you put a matte top coat on black it tends to go a bit grey. This is the same finish on their Rubber finish nail polishes.

I love love love black nails. It's been such a long time since I have worn black on it's own. Before I started doing my own acrylics and before the nail polish obsession, every time I got my acrylics infilled at the nail salon I got them painted black. I think I wore black polish for easily 9 months straight! I am such a goth :P I will always love how edgy and sophisticated it looks.

These photos show 1 coat of Nail Envy with 2 coats Scorn, no top coat, that would spoil the look! Dry time seems fairly normal, but it's hard to tell what a normal dry time is anymore since using quick dry top coat!

*sigh* I love black nails.. haha I'll stop now! Whats your favourite basic colour? Let me know!

21 Mar 2013

Illamasqua Throb and Untold

Hi all!

I originally did this combination for V-day but it unfortunately did not last longer than a few hours, more on that in a bit. I was feeling a little peer pressured from the other girls in the Aussie Nails FB group to have something up for Valentines as they where showing all their mani's for the occasion so I pulled out the perfect 1 coat blood red Throb and then put 1 coat of Untold, a red glitter in clear base over the top and topped it with 1 coat of Seche Vite. When on, Untold looks a lot more complex than in the bottle, it seems to glow orange, it's very strange but very pretty.

The unfortunate reason this mani didn't stay on long was that after having it on around the house for a few hours, I decided it was to basic for a V-day mani and I wanted to spice things up a bit. Now a while back I bought some Essence french mani tip guides and I decided to do a matte black half moon to mix up the textures. I applied 2 tip guides to the top of 2 of my nails, painted on the black, which was Illamasqua Scorn, and peeled off the guides. To my horror and dismay the paper peeled off leaving the sticky residue of the guide on my nails! I had no choice but to remove the whole lot.

I really love how Untold glows orange, makes it look like fire! I love how dense Illamasqua glitters are, 1 coat and everything is perfectly covered. Bonus bottle shot and fancy product photography :P

That'll teach me to not fall into the V-day madness, not that I have ever celebrated it, neither has my partner. We love each other so much that everyday is like Valentines. Until next time!

12 Mar 2013

Peita's Polish Kierra's Kustom

Hi all!

I fell a little bad showing you this polish as it's not available for purchase, but I feel so honored to own it, and it is so beautiful that I needed to share it.

A few weeks back I bought a Lynn off a lovely lady named Peita on the Aussie Nails Facebook group, and whilst organising postage she happened to ask "What is your favourite colour?". Without thinking much of it I told her it was a current toss up of purple, teal and emerald green. 1 week later I received my Lynn from her and in the package was an amazing surprise! A custom polish made of the colours I had told her as well as one of her cuticle oils. Turns out Peita owns and runs Peita's Polish, where she makes her own indies for sale, as well as making custom glitter polishes for those who ask.

I was beyond blown away, this was such an amazing and kind thing to do for someone that she did not know, and the polish is absolutely breathtaking. This is a fairly picture heavy post!

I wore this over Illamasqua Nudge. This was 2 thick coats as I really wanted a full coverage to really show off the glitter and only 1 coat of SV! This dried so amazingly smooth, I was blown away. This polish is packed with a mix of holo purple, teal and green large hex glitter as well as purple and green fine glitter in a clear base.

Here are the bottle shots, as well as the cuticle oil, which I may point out is AMAZING! My fingers absolutely love it! Annnddd bonus macro shot!

Nfakosndfbjdk this polish is just so so gorgeous! I am going to have to brainstorm some combinations I think and maybe get some custom polishes done for special occasions for my friends. Such an awesome idea!

Well I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as me. I cannot wait to try this over other different base colours, Nudge does make it pull very blue.

7 Mar 2013

Outfit Spam 2

Hi all,

Another outfit spam post. I've got quite a back log, so I'm going to break it up into a few posts.

Leggings: Reverse Suspenders, Beetlejuice, Leg Bones, Black Resurections, Burned Velvet, Red Galaxies from Black Milk Clothing

Skirts/Dresses: Queen of Darkness, Dirty Purple, Bone Machine 2.0, Red Pyramids, Sheer Babydoll from Black Milk Clothing

3 Mar 2013

Illamasqua I'mPerfection Collection

Hi all!

A couple of weeks back I was kindly invited to the product launch of Illamasqua's new I'mPerfection line. In this line we saw the launch of 5 new nail polish shades, 1 new brush, 1 new lipsitck, 2 new blush colours as well as 1 relaunch of 2 older colours, all in a new blush duo compact and 1 new amazing intense lipgloss that can be used either on it's own or as a mixer to change the colour of your favourite lipsticks and glosses. This is going to be a pretty picture heavy post so I'll do my best to keep it brief.

The idea behind this line is the concept of embracing your flaws and that your are perfect just as you are, the idea of enhancing your freckles, not hiding your gap teeth, that you are just as you where meant to be, enhance that individuality instead of the mentality that your never perfect enough and your imperfections should be covered up.
I think this is a fantastic idea for a makeup company, too many times we are told as women that we aren't pretty enough, slim enough, our lips aren't plump enough, our hair isn't big enough, our teeth are crooked, our boobs are not perky or big enough and it creates some seriously messed up girls. This is a great first step in the right direction to help break the idea that women, no matter how hard we try, will not be good enough, and more companies need to adopt this approach.

Night presented by Mikele Simone, makeup done by Frances Cutri, and the night helped out by Adam Malone, Melissa Green and Momo Ly.

My favourite part of the night was the free mini manicures with the new polishes. They where also using the event to announce the relauch of their sell-out nail polish Raindrops that was included in their Broken Heart Valentines Day collection. I grabbed all the polishes and went to work, Raindrops on my left hand and the new speckled polishes on my right.

All of the new polishes applied very easily, all where 2 coaters apart from the blue (Fragile) and the pink (Scarce) which required a third. I thought all the colours where great, but I'm not a fan of the brown (Freckle) on me against my skintone. They are all gorgeous pastels with fine matte black glitter and medium and large matte black hexs. The 'speckles' in these polishes are easy to apply and need no work as they spread very easily and evenly.

Fragile, Speckle, Scarce, Mottle and Freckle.

This is Raindrops. What can I say about this beautiful polish other than it's amazing. Requiring 3 thin coats, it basically applies it self. The perfect slightly blue toned grey with a white/silver fleck. I am so glad they brought this back. I need a bottle ASAP! This looks beautiful against my skintone.

The best part about the afternoon was the free gifts, which where very generious. I received 3 of the polishes, Fragile, Scarce and Mottle and the blush duo containing Lover and Hussy. I am going to attempt to try use the blush duo, but I may have to visit the MUA's at the Illamasqua counter for some tips!


It was a great night and I thank the team at Illamaqua Australia for getting me involved in the night.