13 Jan 2013

Alanna Renee Polish!

Hi all!

Today I have some pretty exciting news! Alanna from Pretty Purple Polish has just launched her nail polish brand Alanna Renee and released her first collection! I snapped up 2 of these gorgeous polishes on release day and I received them 2 days after ordering, how amazing is that!

Before we get to the post I also just wanted to say that I finally made a Polish Stash page! Now you can see what polishes I own!

A bit of background about Alanna Renee.
Alanna Renee first began in August 2011 when I decided to create my own nail polish brand. After much research the project was put on hold due to the limited availability of materials needed. Less than a year later the indie nail polish scene came to life and nail polish supplies became easily available. I promptly bought some supplies but left them sitting unused waiting for inspiration. 
By April 2012 the nail polish supplies were forgotten and I decided to sell jewellery made from nail polish instead. I promptly bought supplies and this time made use of them straight away, but with over 300 nail polishes in my collection I was overwhelmed trying to decide which ones to use and the project was put on hold. 

In October 2012 I had an idea that would combine both projects. I decided to create my own nail polish colours and use those for the jewellery. Once a launch date of January 2013 was planned Alanna Renee was in full swing. I am hoping to lunch Alanna Renee Jewellery products in early 2013. 

Alanna Renee is run single-handedly by myself with occasional help from family and friends. I have always been creative so Alanna Renee is a way to share my creativity with you. I hope you enjoy wearing Alanna Renee products as much as I enjoy creating them.

Already most of her polishes are out of stock, which is incredible to see! I love seeing independent Aussie labels doing well, it warms my heart. The two polishes I picked up where Black Cherry and Pacific. They are generously sized at 12ml and come in good quality bottles and have really nice brushes, a little thinner than I'm used to, but still very manageable.

Black Cherry and Pacific
Black Cherry is described as A deep red toned purple base a mix of large and small red hex glitters, large red square glitter and small black hex glitter. I quickly swatched this on a swatch stick and it is opaque at 2 coats. The website says that 3 coats will render the base black, but personally I think I would prefer it with the slightly redder base, makes it a bit more unique than all the other black base red glitters out there. Cannot wait to wear this!

Pacific is a mix or large blue and holographic turquoise hex glitter, turquoise bar glitter and small silver holographic glitter in a blue jelly base. My swatch stick also was opaque at 2 coats and sparkles like nobodys buisness. The bar glitter is so fine in this that you will have no issues with curling and it adds a bit of interest to a solid glitter polish.

Alanna Renee polishes are sold online for AUD$7.99 but are currently only available to Australian Resident's due to shipping restrictions.

All in all this is a great starter collection and I wish Alanna all the best for her brand. You can tell that she has worked hard on producing quality polishes for all of us to enjoy. I cannot wait to wear both of these.

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  1. Incredible! And so is your Polish Stash page!! You are SO organized!! LOL! Love it! :-) Can't wait for you to swatch these!
    Have a beautiful day, Kierra!