31 Jan 2013

A-England Lade of the Lake

Hi all,

A-England is one of my favourite independent nail polish brands because they produce such amazing polishes. Today I want to show you a polish that is apart of The Mythicals collection, Lade of the Lake. It's a stunning blue based dark purple with a very subtle holo.

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26 Jan 2013

China Glaze Entourage and NYX Girl Enchanted Forest Mani

Hi all!

A quick post for today. Entourage was one of the first China Glaze polishes I bought and it is such a bright and gorgeous lime green with a slight shimmer, I topped this with a dabbed coat of NYX Girl Enchanted Forest and than a day later I put on a matte top coat. A word of warning, Entourage stains your nails like crazy! Double up on your base coat! I now have horrible yellow stained nails that I can't seem to remove :(

22 Jan 2013

Triple Post: Cirque Fascination Street + makeup and outfit. *UPDATED*

Hi all!

OMG! Triple post! Nails, makeup and outfit! This is my complete outfit that I wore to go see Sleigh Bells on Saturday night. Now, I've never seen Sleigh Bells before, or even listened to their music, but the boyfie bought tickets for some reason a couple of months back and thought it would be interesting. We where both rather impressed, they put on a great stage show. I'll have a couple of instagram photos at the end. Now onto the fun stuff! Oh this post also contains my first circle lens review!

*Updated* New photos! 2 coats, no top coat.

Cirque Fascination Street nail polish swatch manicure

Cirque Fascination Street nail polish swatch manicure

Cirque Fascination Street nail polish swatch manicure

Cirque Fascination Street nail polish swatch manicure

19 Jan 2013

Illamasqua Nomad and Pretty&Polished Valentino

Hi all!

You may recognise the title of today's blog post. It's very similar to my very first nail post on this blog! I was browsing through some of my favourite blogs the other week and saw a swatch for Nomad, a gorgeous jade green and I realised that I had never worn it and that I needed to remedy that straight away!

16 Jan 2013

Cirque Polish and Hellebore Glitter Gradient Mani!

Hi all!

I feel a little guilty, I've bought 4 bottle's of polish in the last week and a half. Haha seems my polish obsession is back full swing now that my nails are growing to decent lengths and don't look horrid anymore!

I bring you the brand Cirque, a independent brand out of New York and they smell amazing! No, I haven't lost my mind from huffing nail polish, she infuses lavender and clary sage essential oils into the nail polish that leaves a lovely subtle smell!

13 Jan 2013

Alanna Renee Polish!

Hi all!

Today I have some pretty exciting news! Alanna from Pretty Purple Polish has just launched her nail polish brand Alanna Renee and released her first collection! I snapped up 2 of these gorgeous polishes on release day and I received them 2 days after ordering, how amazing is that!

Before we get to the post I also just wanted to say that I finally made a Polish Stash page! Now you can see what polishes I own!

10 Jan 2013

Illamasqua Viridian

Hi all!

A quick post for today as I wanted to get this swatch out whilst the Illamasqua Glitterati/Viridian duo is still current. If you have any concerns about Viridian not being a gorgeous polish, then you don't need to worry. It is a gorgeous peacock green with slight shimmer that just glows when the sun hits it.

5 Jan 2013

New Year's outfit and makeup!

Hi all!

Welcome to the first post of 2013 and what better way to celebrate the New Year than to show you my outfit and makeup that I wore :D I finally wore my beautiful Illamasqua Swarovski crystal false lashes and also my Black Milk Bone Machine dress and matching Jeffrey Campbell Damsels.