5 Dec 2012

Pretty Serious Cosmetics and Liquid Leprechaun Manicure!

Hi all!

I apparently have no self control what so ever, because the other week I purchased not 1, not 2, but 3 polishes from Pretty Serious Cosmetics here in Sydney! I'm so glad I did! They are just beautiful, so lets get onto it shall we!

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A little background info on Pretty Serious first. Born in August 2011, Pretty Serious was the brain child of nail blogger and beauty nerd Karen Aitken aka Kaz from Pretty Random. Throwing her love of vintage polish and old independent brands together, she created a brand that doesn't stick to season trends, and creates gorgeous and perfectly formulated polished completely unique to most polish collections.

The 3 polished I grabbed where Liquid Leprechaun, Emma Louise and Galaxy Invader.

Galaxy Invader is from the They Came From Beyond Space! Collection and is a gorgeous blue foin multichrome. This beauty shifts from green to blue to purple, and possibly other colours! You can see a bit of the green in the blue in the picture below. This photo was the only one I could get the blue and purple in one shot. I needed a second light source. A quick swatch shows that this can be a one coater, but I'd use two just in case.

Next up is Emma Louise, a limited edition polish of only 300 units. As you can see I got 239 :) It is a vibrant violet jelly base with golden green glass fleck, purple micro-glitter, and purple and green hex glitter. This polish was made for Kaz's friend Emma for her 30th birthday and $5 from each sale was donated to the NSW Cancer Council. There are still a few bottles left!

Last but not least is Liquid Leprechaun, a multi sized golden and green glitter particles floating in a radioactive green jelly base. A perfect one coater with no need for a base! How amazing if that! This was from the Monster Mash Halloween 2012 collection.

As soon as I swatched this on one finger I knew I had to wear it straight away. What you see here is 2 coats Nail Envy by OPI, 1 coat Liquid Leprechaun with 1 coat Seche Vite. And I am glad to report that this polish was amazingly easy to remove! This did not chip for 3 days :D

Love it! Oh and the Nail Envy seems to be doing its job, my middle, ring and pinkie fingers are going well! As you can see my pointer nail broke and tore off a few days earlier :(

And the last thing I want to show you are my completed swatch sticks! These are all my polishes! I've made this photo quite large, so click it if you wish to see the polishes up close :)

Well I hope you all enjoyed this post, I enjoyed receiving nail mail and having pretty nails for a new days :) Until next time.

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