21 Nov 2012

Woah! An update!

Hi all!

I hope everyone has been well. I've been very busy the last couple of months, which has been really good. I have been at my new job for 3 months now which I'm still enjoying, and I am being booked to photograph plenty of events. I'd post photos, but they're pretty boring out of context :P

As you all know, I am still on the quest for strong natural nails and it is something I am still working on. I've picked up a couple of aids to try and help, but they show results in the long term and I am not a very patient person, but the good news is that I think they are helping.

Ok! So whats in this update? I want to show you a couple of things I received in the post and bought in store, as well as the swatch sticks I started to do.

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One of the things I got online... STAMPING PLATES! Oh my gosh, I can't wait to have a proper play around with these so I can find which designs work and which of my nail polishes are suitable to stamping. I bought these from the Born Pretty store :)

I give you OPI DS Extravagance. This was such an impulse purchase.. I went into SA Beauty in the city to see what nail strengthers they had, as well as to pick up a few things and I ended up walking out with this. SO PRETTY! Such a gorgeous colour, I completely understand the obsession with it. I put it on the moment I got home and wore it for a week, even with my horrible short nails. This is the only OPI polish out of the 7 I own that seems to live up to the reputation and hype.

Next up, a brand new, absolutely gorgeous, perfect for Christmas and all year round, nail polish from Illamasqua. Glitterati. O.M.G This polish is pure perfection! A perfect raspberry sheer jelly-like base, packed full of small and medium holographic glitter. A wonderful friend of mine that works at Illamasqua gave me this so I could review it in time for the holidays, which I plan on doing soon! Fingers crossed my nails hold out a little longer so I can get a tiny bit of length so I can show this polish off. This polish is currently for purchase from Illamasqua counters and online in a duo with Viridian.

I started making swatch sticks! This is not all of my polishes, I still haven't done my Illamasqua ones, or my blacks. My collection is modest, but I feel it contains some really great polishes. I bought cheap acrylic tips and paddle pop sticks and stuck them on with PVA glue. The sticks are marked with the brand, polish name and the number of coats of polish and all have a nice coat of SV. I need to finish the rest of them.

And lastly in the post, this is what I'm using to try repair my nails. OPI Nail Envy Soft and Thin and I'm taking a vitamin supplement for nails. I have noticed that in using the Nail Envy, my nails are feeling stronger and more protected from the days tasks and it seems to be helping thicken my nails as they grow. My nails still have a long way to go, it will be at least another 2 months until all the weak nail has grown out, I have still have the tell tale red mark in my nail beds from the damage from the acrylics. One other thing I want to look into is nail patching.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post. I do miss blogging, I am going to have to find some more things to blog about.. I really need to get my ass into gear in the mornings to take photos of my makeup, then I could blog about that! Until next time.


  1. Oh, it's so good to see a post from you again! :D I am also in the tedious business of strengthening my nails right now so I know exactly how you feel. My nails are chipping like crazy here in the North European, cold autumn months!
    Great idea with the swatch sticks! :)

  2. After I saw you in Brissy I realised I haven't seen any posts in a while. Good to see you've decided to repair your nails to natural rather acrylic after our long chat at Jamie's party. I've been taking Nature's Own biotin as a supplement for my nails and it's been making a pretty big difference. Broke the habit the last 2 weeks because of weirdness and such but I'll get back into it now. Looking forward to seeing your nail stamping experiments and I love the paddlepop swatch sticks :D xx
    -Kay McKenzie

  3. I think you can cut up teabags and varnish them on to your nails and allow them to take the damage, not your nails. :)