8 Oct 2012

Outfit Spam!

Hi all!

I bring to you another outfit spam post! Enjoy!

CVLT Nation

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Leggings/Dress: Beetlejuice leggings, Black Galaxy leggings, Burned Velvet leggings and Sheer babydoll dress by Black Milk Clothing
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell and New Rock

I also bought more Black Milk.. Bone Machine dress, Red Pyramid skirt and Resurection Black leggings.

Aaaannnddd I also found this dress for $30.

Woo! Well I hope you enjoyed this clothing spam post.


  1. I just found your blog from the Gumleaf Mafia site -- mostly because you mentioned Illamasqua and I adore everything about them. I love your taste and of course piercings hahaha <3 Those spiked Damsels look amazing! And I love that last dress too...where's it from if you don't mind me asking :)?

    1. Hi Ivy! Thanks! Yay we have matching facial piercings :D We're awesome. I got it from ChicaBootie, one of those cheapy clothing stores. I got it from the store which is down the walkway from Town Hall station :)

    2. Sad times! I don't think we have that store in Melbs? D: Looks fabulous on you anyway ^_^ ♡

  2. Oh no!! How did I miss this from a week ago!! I love your outfit spam posts!! Such great items and so artfully done! I'm glad I went back for a visit!
    Hope you are having a great day!! :-)