24 Sep 2012

Calling out for help + OPI Pepe's Purple Passion!

Hi all!

Omg! I'm showing you a mani.. and on my little nubbins! Haha hopefully they look okay. Today I bring you OPI's 'Pepe's Purple Passion', a beautiful dark, slightly vampy, berry/plum red with a red/pink/orange glitter that looks like it glows from within in the right light.

Oh and I have a huuuuugggeee favour to ask of someone that lives in the US at the end of this post.

More pix after the jump!

It's very very pretty! In direct sun it looks pretty amazing. This was 2 perfect coats with 2 coats Seche Vite for a nice glassy finish.

Ok, now my favour to ask. I recently found out that Hot Topic in the US sells a brand of makeup called Blackheart Beauty, and they sell some pretty awesome looking nail polishes in skull bottles. Now, I have a desperate neeeeed for a couple of these polishes because of the bottles, and the fact that they are only US$5. My issue, they don't post outside the US. Repostal service is going to cost me an extra US$44, which to be honest, is a bit expensive for $15 worth of nail polish. The favour, would someone be willing to have me purchase the items, send it to their address, and then have them reposted to my address here in Australia? If you'd like to help, send me a message.


  1. You are just like me and Mr R. I need those Hot Topic polishes for the bottle too. I am surprised that no one is selling them on eBay.

    1. Apparently they only stock them directly to Hot Topic :(