30 Aug 2012

piCture pOlish 'Peacock'

Hi all!

I have been putting off putting on this polish for ages, but I don't really know why, but as I seem to be on a huge blue/green kick at the moment it was the perfect follow up from Nfu Oh 52. I present piCture pOlish in Peacock!

More piccie's after the jump!

piCture pOlish Peacock is a mix of blue and green glitter in a sheer purple base. The glitter applies a little sheer at first, but builds up to a nice opacity in 3 coats. You could use purple undies for this if you don't want to tackle 3 coats of glitter.

This was a pure nightmare for me to apply. I don't know what was causing it, maybe the warm room, but I've never had problems with any other polish in the same setting. It seemed to dry to fast as I was applying it and got all goppy at my tips, I had to squish the polish down with my fingers to get it flat so I could put 3 thick layers of Seche Vite on to smooth it out. Absolute nightmare.

As you can see, I had some patchy spots and they are quite noticeable to me during the day, and I hate how the 3 coats of Peacock and the 3 coats of SV make my nails look all huge and swollen, but this is a pretty polish so I will probably try this again another time with undies.

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