26 Aug 2012

Nfu Oh, Essence and Outfit Spam

Hi all!

Got a few things to show you! My Nfu Oh's arrived and I found out that Priceline is now stocking Essence! I am also throwing in some outfit photos that I had up on instagram. My name is @poisonzombii if you wish you follow me, and I also have webstagram if you don't have an instragram account, but wish to still see my posts.

More pictures after the jump!

Ok! Nfu Oh's first! Sorry I have the flu and very little energy so please excuse the lack of explanation.

Nfu Oh 52, a blue/green shift flakie in a blue jelly base. I put this over Baptise and it looked gorgeous.

Nfu Oh 58, orange/green/blue shift flakie in an orange base. I swatched this over Illamasqua Whack and it looked like fire.

Now the Essence. I wandered into Priceline to see if I could get Revlon 'Facets of Fuchsia' aka 'Scandalous' but they did not have it, but I did spot a Essence stand! I picked up these 2 polishes and the nail tip guides for $7. So cheap! They even had 2 bottles of Blue Addicted, which is the Deborah Lipmann Across the Universe dupe!

Space Queen is a holo glitter in a pink base. It might as well be in a clear base, as the pink isn't pigmented enough to show, which is fine by me, I just wanted a holo glitter to use in sparkling up a mani.

Where Is The Party is a duochome polish that you don't need undies for! 2 coats for opacity and it shifts green/purple/blue/gold.

Anndd tip guides! I grabbed these because they where $1.50 and would be easier to use than trying to cut an even curve with nail scissors and electrical tape when I want to just paint my nail tips.

Now the outfit spam. All of these where originally posted on my instagram @poisonzombii.

And lastly, my amazing man bought me roses on friday <3 I don't ever get flowers so it's a lovely surprise when it happens <3 <3

Well that's all for today. Until next time


  1. Unbelievable!! So gorgeous! Everything! Your photos... exquisitely artistic and beautiful!! And those nail colors.. I must see what you do with them!! Please feel better soon!!

    1. You are seriously the nicest person ever, you are such a sweetheart. Thank you :)

  2. Ooh great post. I love the colours in the nfu oh bottles, I dont own any of them. I do have the essence polish and also like the sparkle glitter.

  3. Cute nailpolishes and beautiful outfits! :) I love that bat-necklace you're wearing on the first outfit pic. Bats are
    adorable! :3