30 Aug 2012

Illamasqua Australia has won the fight!

Hi all!

This just in from their Facebook page!



Illamasqua are very proud to announce that after almost a month of rallying together with their customers and fans to make a stand against the unfair cosmetic pricing in Australia, they have won the ‘Fight for a Fair Beauty Price’.

Illamasqua are pleased to confirm that Illamasqua Australia prices will be reduced across the range, with the support of their exclusive retail partner MYER from Saturday 1st September 2012.

The Illamasqua ‘Fight for a Fair Beauty Price’ has sparked conversation with customers, bloggers, media and industry insiders globally, and it is with thanks to the encouragement and persistence of everyone who signed the petition that this is now possible.

Illamasqua Australia will be dropping prices to be more in line with those in their home country of the UK - up to 35% reduction, but on some lines as much as 42%.

Yayyyyy we did it! I am so happy that this has happened! A huge thank you to everyone that signed the petition here in Australia and also Internationally.


  1. I was sure I had commented on this before. *scratches her head* Maybe I got the verification code wrong.

    Anyway, Myer changed their price online before 1st September because when I checked them after reading this post... They had already changed their prices to $21 a bottle for the polish. :)

    1. Yes I did see that comment, lost in cyber space :P

      Yea I heard about that. Apparently the site crashed or something, they where posting about it on the Illamasqua Oz FB page.