3 Aug 2012

A England and Black Milk

Hi all!

Some awesome stuff arrived in the mail the last couple of days.. My a England polishes arrived, as well as my celebratory Black Milk order and the Black Milk tshirt I ordered on RedBubble.. Yay! Presents!

More photos, including swatch pictures and awesome tight clothes after the jump!

A England had a sale on their Mythicals series polishes a couple of weeks back, and the entire range was only 5 pound each! So I scoured through swatches online and settled on Guinevere, a gorgeous dusky grey violet creme, absolutely devine, and I also threw in my cart Saint George. Saint George has been a lemming of mine for ages now and I decided it was a good time to get it. It is a stunning turquoise/emerald/teal holographic polish, completely unique and so amazingly pretty.

As soon as I pulled Saint George out of the packaging I knew it was going straight on my nails. Be prepared to be amazed!

Sooooooooo amazinggggggg. New favourite polish. I also bought a box for all my polish.. I already need a second one ^^; Specially since I have 13 more Illamasqua polishes on their way..

How many can you recognise from the tops?

Ok! Now the other pretty part! Black Milk!

Black Milk are a clothing company based in Brisbane Australia. In 2010, it's creator and emperor James Lillis, with no money to his name, taught himself how to sew and started making leggings in his parents kitchen, flash forward to July 2012, 207,000 Facebook likes and 100,000 Instagram followers later, this company has been thrown into the stratosphere and brings out new collections of leggings, dresses, skirts and swims every month, and has just released a special shoe collaboration with Jeffery Campbell. Huge success in just over 2.5 years. I am so proud of jL and everyone that has helped BM become a huge success the world over. I am super proud to have been able to watch this company grow. Anyway, enough talk.. Tight clothes! I am wearing JC Nightwalks <3

Sheer Babydoll dress with Black Galaxy Dress underneath and Reverse Suspenders

Black Galaxy Leggings

Sheer Babydoll Dress and Black Galaxy Leggings

Blakk Mylk tshirt from jL RedBubble
I also nabbed a shirt jL designed and put up on RedBubble. He has a background in graphic design so he still occasionally does shirt designs. This will be cut up and tied back together so I can wear it with my leggings.

What are some of your favourite independent clothing brands? Let me know in the comments.


  1. St George is just gorgeous! Lovely pics :)

    1. I'm sooo happy I got it :D Thank you :)