30 Aug 2012

piCture pOlish 'Peacock'

Hi all!

I have been putting off putting on this polish for ages, but I don't really know why, but as I seem to be on a huge blue/green kick at the moment it was the perfect follow up from Nfu Oh 52. I present piCture pOlish in Peacock!

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Illamasqua Australia has won the fight!

Hi all!

This just in from their Facebook page!



Illamasqua are very proud to announce that after almost a month of rallying together with their customers and fans to make a stand against the unfair cosmetic pricing in Australia, they have won the ‘Fight for a Fair Beauty Price’.

Illamasqua are pleased to confirm that Illamasqua Australia prices will be reduced across the range, with the support of their exclusive retail partner MYER from Saturday 1st September 2012.

The Illamasqua ‘Fight for a Fair Beauty Price’ has sparked conversation with customers, bloggers, media and industry insiders globally, and it is with thanks to the encouragement and persistence of everyone who signed the petition that this is now possible.

Illamasqua Australia will be dropping prices to be more in line with those in their home country of the UK - up to 35% reduction, but on some lines as much as 42%.

Yayyyyy we did it! I am so happy that this has happened! A huge thank you to everyone that signed the petition here in Australia and also Internationally.

28 Aug 2012

Nfu Oh 52 Mani Update

Hi all!

A quick post for today. In my last post I showed you that my Nfu Oh polishes arrived from Crush Cosmetics and I just had to put 52 over my current mani which was Illamasqua Baptise. After having it on for a few days I had to mattify it. I swear matte is possibly my favourite way to wear flakies.

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26 Aug 2012

Nfu Oh, Essence and Outfit Spam

Hi all!

Got a few things to show you! My Nfu Oh's arrived and I found out that Priceline is now stocking Essence! I am also throwing in some outfit photos that I had up on instagram. My name is @poisonzombii if you wish you follow me, and I also have webstagram if you don't have an instragram account, but wish to still see my posts.

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22 Aug 2012

Illamasqua 'Baptise' and Makeup Look

Hey all!

I am now coming live to you from www.lookwhatthebatsdraggedin.com! Today I am bringing you a double post in celebration. A swatch and a makeup look using Sugarpill eyeshadows and Illamasqua liquid liners.

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21 Aug 2012

Nfu Oh polish sold in Australia!

Hey all!

I have what I class as some exciting news! Nfu Oh nail polishes are available for sale in Australia from Crush Cosmetics!

Crush Cosmetics offer fast postage (1-2 days) or standard shipping (3-4 days) via Australia Post, and even free if ordering over $80. They also ship internationally. Currently they are selling a selection of cremes ($10.95), flakies ($13.95), holos ($14.95) and the aqua base ($13.95).

16 Aug 2012

OPI and more Black Milk

Hi all!

I received some OPI polishes in the mail last week after seeing a sale on them on brandsexclusive.com.au. They had them for $10.95 each with $5 flat shipping, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to try them out as I have never bought OPI polish before. Also during the same trip to the post office my Black Milk order arrived, which made me very happy, so there are a few photos at the end of what I picked up during the Nylon Wars Ep 2!

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13 Aug 2012

Guinevere Dots

Hi all!

Just a quick mani to show you today. I tried a few ideas last night but unfortunately they didn't work out so I went with this, a quick dotting manicure using a-England 'Guinevere'.

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8 Aug 2012

Illamasqua Gradient Glitter Tutorial

Hey all!

Today I am going to be using 4 of my new Illamasqua polishes in a gradient with glitter tips mani, but I also decided to photograph my process which I learnt off Sam who runs The Nailasaurus blog. Her nail art and tutorials are amazing, go check them out!

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Huge Doom Illamasqua Haul

Hey all!

It arrived!!! My huge Illamasqua order arrived last Friday, but unfortunately had to wait till midday Monday to pick it up. As soon as I got back to work I opened it to inspect my pretties, omg so much love. This is just going to be a quick but very picture heavy post of all the items I received. Let the show commence!

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3 Aug 2012

A England and Black Milk

Hi all!

Some awesome stuff arrived in the mail the last couple of days.. My a England polishes arrived, as well as my celebratory Black Milk order and the Black Milk tshirt I ordered on RedBubble.. Yay! Presents!

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2 Aug 2012

Tape Mani with Ozotic 513

Hi all!

Sorry I haven't been able to blog as often, but its because I got a job! I am now working at another photo lab in the city, but this one is newer, higher quality, and the management is much nicer. Yay employment, means more money for polish. I need to feed this addiction some how. Also the other reason I haven't been blogging so much is that I keep liking the polishes I'm wearing so I haven't been changing them as often.

As the title suggests, I've been sporting a tape mani the last few days. Check it ooouuuttttt.

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