18 Jul 2012

Max Factor 'Fantasy Fire'

Hi all!

Today I'm bringing you a quick one from last week. I mentioned in my Nail Mail post that I picked up a dupe for the infamous Clarins '230' aka Unicorn Pee and I said I was going to wait until this week to try it but I couldn't help myself so I put it over my gradient mani and holy hell... IT'S SO AMAZING!

Lots more pretty pictures after the jump!
I also took advantage of the fact that unfortunately the Ozotic polishes are being discontinued, so I grabbed myself a couple since they are discounted and well as 1 gorgeous piCture pOlish. They should arrive this week, which is exciting. I am also bummed as I managed to break my middle nail on my left hand pretty badly, so if I do swatch photos I will have to show my left hand while I wait until my nail heals. It's hurts like helllllll.

Ok, less talk, more photos.. And since I couldn't capture all it's beauty, I am also providing a moving swatch at the bottom of the post. All pictures are 2 coats over my previous mani.


SO GORGEOUS! And now, the moving swatch.

I'm looking forward to trying this with other undies. I know that the most common choice is Revlon 'Royal', but I don't have that so I'ma try it with other purples and blues.

What are some of your other choices of undies for 'Fantasy Fire'? Let me know in the comments.


  1. This color is so stunning!!! I love it! I've got to get it. Sorry about your broken nail :( Hope it heals soon!! Have a good day :-)

    1. It is isn't it! If you can get one, I definitely suggest you do :D Thanks, 2 days after and it still hurts like hell.. Ah well, that will teach me to get my acrylics done at a shitty asian salon instead of doing it myself ^^"