6 Jul 2012

Matte Matte Matte!

Hi all!
Just a quick one for today :) I mentioned in my previous post that I had picked up Australis 'Speck-tacular' which is a flakie top coat as well as receiving Essie 'Matte About You' and I decided to throw it over the top of what I was already wearing, which happened to be Pretty & Polished 'Galax-E'..


It looks amazing over flakies! I cant stop staring at my nails in the sun! Everything just takes on this glowy feeling rather than a sparkle, so cool :D

More after the jump!

This was 2 coats 'Speck-tacular' with 1 coat 'Matte About You' over my old polish. I was impressed how fast the matte top coat dried. I was worried it would take forever, cause I am absolutely terrible when it comes to being careful when polish is drying.

 Urghhh... Look how pretty it isss..

I cannot wait to try the matte top coat over other glitters, they are going to look soooo awesome. Excited!

Oh and here, have a photo of my kitten being very cute <3

What are some of your favourite polishes to put matte top coat on? Let me know in the comments :D

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