25 Jul 2012

Essence 'Blue Addicted' and Outfit!

Hi all!

Today I bring you a double post. Nails and an outfit! I have a job interview tomorrow so I had to make sure my nails where all done, and that I had a nice, presentable outfit and so I figured I would share it with you. I bring to you Essence 'Blue Addicted', a Deborah Lippmann 'Across the Universe' dupe. I managed to get 2 bottle of this off eBay.

And just quickly, I am now also on Facebook!

More photos plus the outfit after the jump!

Ok, first off.. OMG! When I first put this on, I wasn't wowed by it, but after about 10 min I loved it! It's like a mermaids tail on my nails! So gorgeous!

'Blue Addicted' is a dark blue jelly base with large green and light blue hex glitter and small silver/blue glitter. I used 1 coat Illamasqua 'Phallic' as undies, then 2 coats Essence 'Blue Addicted' and completed it with 2 thick coats of Seche Vite to get a nice glossy shine.

Mermaids! Looks like mermaids! Well, it does to me anyway. My 2 bottles of 'Blue Addicted' where a little goopy, but still managable. And my nail healed, so I was able to redo my acrylics on my middle finger, I feel like me again haha. I also shortened all my nails so typing is a lot easier now.

I also want to show you a mani I did on my friend over the weekend. We had a little nails party and myself and a few friends caught up, watched movie, ate pizza and did each others nails. I used all her polishes for this so unfortunately I dont know what they are.

I believe the light blue is actually a teal coloured OPI that I did a gradient with a dark blue, then I sponged on a mix of holographic glitter and blue glitter to the tips. Done!! Simple, but very pretty.

Ok, outfit time!

Grey Dress: Valleygirl
Leather Jacket: Jan Hilmer
Heels: ALDO
Necklaces: Swarovski and Mouche

Excuse the hair and my face, I didn't have to leave the apartment so no makeup and no hair fixed. Argh, I love this jacket and these leggings. I have a huge love for the Aussie brand Black Milk, They have just celebrated 200,000 likes on facebook, which is HUGE! I can't believe how fast they have grown, I've been following them since only 11,000 fans and it's amazing to see what they've accomplished in such a short time. The jacked was a 25th birthday present from my boyfriend, which of yesterday, we have been together for 2 and a half years :)

What are some of your favourite pieces of clothing? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I LOVE your jacket!! Such a gorgeous cut!

    1. Thanks! Jan Hilmer really designs some gorgeous pieces.

  2. Gorgeous nails! Perfect summer nails in my opinion! :D And yeah, they definitely look like mermaids.
    The outfit is awesome too. I really love that jacket!


  3. How dare you steal my friends nail artwork and claim it as your own! The only reason you don't know the name of the light blue is because you don't own it!

  4. ok since i cant delete my comment im sorry for going off at you half cocked... eep how embarrassing i was a little confused! again sorry, take comfort in knowing i care for my friends dearly lol.

    1. How about you find out all the information before accusing someone of stealing. I did that manicure on her, all I did was used the photo she took. Well done on looking like an idiot on the internet.

    2. If you wish to butt heads lets. Do not mistake my apology, i was sorry for being wrong not for doing what i believe was right at the time. If i have lose a friend for trying to stick up for them (wrong or not)then so be it.

    3. Obviously we don't know one another and that you are a friend of Natalie's and outside our school group otherwise you would of known about our little nail party, but would of seen the photo tagged as done by me on facebook -shrug-

      I have no issue with defending friends, but you should at least check to make sure you have the correct facts. As Nat said below, she has no issue with me using her photo.

  5. I wasn't going off at Kierra, I just asked a simple question whether it was my hand. I didn't mind, I was just curious. Who are you Anonymous?

  6. Kierra does gorgeous nails too. Xx