18 May 2012

Change of idea.. Already!

So I had a bit of a think about what I'd like to do with this blog, originally I thought just making it a polish blog would be good, but I am also very interested in make up and certain brands, and I thought it a little unfair to leave all these other products out that I love so much, so this blog will be more of a beauty blog, focusing on the brands and products I love and stand by. I may also possibly post an outfit or two, depending on what happens and what I get up to :)

I was going through my photos of products I had already used/swatched, and I'm not overly happy with the photos, I mean, they are fine for facebook and tumblr, but not for a blog. So I will slowly work my way through re-swatching and taking much better photos, so I can give you guys high quality and colour accurate photos. Shouldn't be too difficult, I am a photographer after all :P Watch me eat my words haha.

16 May 2012

Oh sh*t, not another polish blog..

Hiya Everyone!
Just wanted to welcome you all to Look What the Bats Dragged In! Oh sh*t, another polish blog..? Yes! I've developed a love for nail polish and it seems to be an ever growing thing, so I decided to create a platform which is more accessible for everyone :)
I hope I can provide people with accurate swatches for all their favourite polishes, and I hope to make a few friends within the Polish community.